Important Tips for Storing Potatoes

Important Tips for Storing Potatoes

Potato is a living vegetable and its nutrition will remain intact if it is stored in correct place. Proper storage increases the life of potatoes. If potatoes are not stored in a proper place, then spots along with sprouts are seen on it, which is toxic and reduces the nutritional value. Know How to Store Potatoes and avoid its wastage.

How to Store Potatoes:

  • Store potatoes in a cool, dry and dark place so that the dark spots along with sprouts do not start fast on potatoes.
  • Place them in a brown paper bag or even in the jute bag.
  • Use perforated plastic bags or even the wooden bin with holes to store the potatoes.
  • If you are growing the potatoes at your home, then dry them completely before storing them.
  • Inspect the damaged potatoes and remove the ones that are not suitable for storage.
  • If the container or the storing bag does not have lid to close, then you can use a cotton towel to cover its top so that it avoids sunlight getting directly falling on potatoes.
  • Store other vegetables away from potatoes.
  • If it is too warm or too cool, the potatoes get easily spoiled.
  • Do not seal the bag completely. Allow some air to pass through.
  • Do not wash the potatoes before storing them. Wash them while using.
  • Do not store the potatoes with onions as they produce gases that spoil both the veggies faster
  • Do not store potatoes in refrigerator as the starch of it turns into sugar and potatoes will taste sweet.

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