Best Tips to Grill Tender Chicken Steaks

Best Tips to Grill Tender Chicken Steaks

One of the Sunday jobs that most of the people like to have is to Grill the Chicken. It is important to know few tips before you Grill the Chicken. When you follow these tips, you can get your chicken steaks just like you get in restaurants. Here are some Tips about How to Grill Chicken Steaks.

Steps to Grill Chicken:

  • If you are making chicken steaks, it is important that you choose all the chicken steaks carefully. You have to choose in such a way that the steaks have maximum meat and minimum fat to it.
  • Remove the skin and extra fat before the pieces are mounted on the grill.
  • Make deep incisions into the chicken pieces as the skin is going to block out all the spices that you use for marinating.
  • Apply the marinate mixture generously on chicken because during the grill, the pieces starts falling off as it melts.
  • Brush the grill with oil before you use it. The clumps seen on the grill will not make the chicken pieces cook evenly. So try to brush off such clumps.
  • When you grill the chicken, the middle part or the smaller pieces get grilled fast. So make sure to place the larger chicken steaks at the center and the smaller ones at the sides of the grill.
  • You can stick a knife into the chicken piece to know whether the inner part is cooked correctly or remained pink.

Watch the video and Know How to Grill Chicken

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